Dedicated Electrics

Dedicated electrics is the most recommended option for your vehicle wiring.

Dedicated wiring is designed to perfectly be integrated into your vehicle's electrical systems. Dedicated wiring kits work smoothly with your vehicle in ways that are dedicated to the original manufacture. The Dedicated wiring kits are more sophisticated than universal electrics. With many system benefits that come with dedicated electrics, you can expect to get a top quality amount of software benefits that are long lasting and a great solution to your towbar electrics.

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Why choose dedicated electrics?

Dedicated electrics for towbars are growing in popularity due to additional features that are implemented in many modern cars. Certain electrics in older cars and safety features don't always activate successfully with universal electrics but do with dedicated electrics.

  • Trailer Stability Control

    Stability Control is one of the most important features you obtain through dedicated wiring, it's an essential safety feature for maintaining control of your towing vehicle, especially when navigating around corners and bending roads, as well as at high speeds.

  • Breaks And Suspensions

    Updated Suspension systems are beneficial when towing something that has a lot of weight, it takes into account the extra weight of the towed vehicle and works accordingly to make the towing process easier.

    Break Electronics are updated for an increase in speed and efficiency when traveling to optimise the experience when towing your vehicle safely.

  • Other Towbar Features

    Having dedicated electrics specific to your vehicle activates all the features your tow bar would have if it was factory fitted. Certain vehicles may require different software updates to gain all of these benefits. If you have any questions regarding this, make sure you get in touch with us.

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