Universal Electrics

Universal Wiring is the standard method of supplying power to your trailer.

Universal wiring is the most cost-effective way of providing electrics to the vehicle you are towing. Universal wiring is a great choice, however, some of the additional features that dedicated wiring provides may not be possible through universal wiring due to not having specific towbar wiring. Universal wiring however can be suitable for all different types of vehicles, so for a cheaper alternative to get needed electrics available, universal electrics are a great solution.

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Why choose universal electrics?

Universal electrics are great value, it allows you to tow your vehicle with electrical power at an affordable price. Even though universal electrics is very cost effective, It doesn't have as many benefits as dedicated electrics. Universal electrics may not work reliably on new modern cars that have more additional features and complex wiring, this stops you from gaining some of the quality safety features set in place.

  • Low Prices

    Universal electrics often come at a lower price than alternative options, such as dedicated electrics.

  • Universal Fitting

    Universal electrics can be fitted to all types of vehicles, making it a simple, cost-effective and straight-forward option.

  • Audible Warning for Trailer Indicators

    Although some features are not available with universal systems, you can benefit from audible warnings for trailer indicators.

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